Silicone-free Amino Acid Shampoo/Conditioner (Rich & Floral)

mogans Silicone-free Amino Acid Shampoo/Conditioner (Rich & Floral)

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TYPE 洗发水/护发素
SIZE 洗发水 300ml・护发素 200g



Re-release. Rich in emollients such as sandalwood and hibiscus oil, as well as natural ingredients like fruit extract and honey, together with a soothing aroma, this shampoo and conditioner contains all the ingredients for beautiful hair. Includes more than 18 kinds of plant amino acids. The power of nature give your hair health and beauty from within, repairing the scalp and giving your hair lustrous, smooth body. It also repairs damaged hair from the core, hydrating it for firm, soft, smooth hair from the root. Free from alcohol, petroleum-derived surfactants, animal-derivatives, lauric acid, DEA, MEA, TEA, silicon, synthesized polymerphenoxyethanol and paraben. Shampoo 300ml /Conditioner 200g
Main Ingredients
Hyaluronic Acid / No artificial coloring / No mineral oils / Alcohol free / Paraben free / No unhealthy additives