About Cancellations

If the cancellation deadline* has not yet passed, users may cancel their orders by contacting Customer Support. Please contact Customer Support regarding order cancellations.

*Members can check their order status on their My Account page. If the order status is "Order received," or "Order confirmed," then cancellation is possible. However, if the order status is "Preparing for shipping," then the cancellation deadline has passed. Non-members who wish to cancel orders may contact Customer Support.

Customer Support

Email:support_en@cosme.com (Weekdays 10:00am - 6:00pm JST. Closed weekends and holidays.)

We must confirm your identity in order to complete an order cancellation. Please provide the following information in order to expedite the cancellation process.

・First and last names
・Order number
・Phone number
・Name(s) of ordered products

・We cannot cancel orders that are already prepared to ship or have already been shipped. If you wish to return an order after you have received it, please refer to the return requirements in "About Returns and Exchanges."

>> About Returns and Exchanges