About Returns and Exchanges

Returns or exchanges of incorrect or defective products

Please confirm the contents of your delivery after you receive your order.We make every effort to ensure the quality of our products, but if you find a product to be damaged, faulty, or if the product is not what you ordered, please contact our customer service department within 8 days of delivery to begin the return or exchange process.

Customer Support:
Email:support_en@cosme.com (Weekdays 10:00am - 6:00pm JST.Closed weekends and holidays.)

We cannot accept returns or exchanges of any product if.
・We receive contact after 8 days of delivery.
・The products have been opened or their seals broken.
・The products have been used.
・The damage to the product is the fault of the customer.
・The delivery was made outside of Japan.*
*Returns and exchanges can only be made for orders delivered within Japan.

Returns and exchanges of unwanted items

If you receive an item that is mistaken or unwanted, you can return that item for a refund provided it meets certain conditions. However, we cannot accept exchanges for such items. If the item meets the requirements for a refund, please contact Customer Service and follow the instructions to return the item.You may then place a new order for your desired items.

Return Requirements:

  • The product must be unopened and unused.
  • You must contact Customer Service within 8 days of delivery.
  • The following costs are responsibility of the customer:
    (a) The cost of shipping to return the item.
    (b) Any bank fees that may result from refunding your order.
  • The product meets the requirements stated in the Warning above.
  • The @cosme shopping product information page must not state “No Returns.”

If your purchase meets the above requirements, please contact our Customer Service department within 8 days to begin the return process.
When you contact Customer Support, please include the following information to expedite the return process.

Customer Support:
Email:support_en@cosme.com (Weekdays 10:00am - 6:00pm JST. Closed weekends and holidays.)
Please include this information:
・Full name
・Order number
・Delivery address
・Telephone number
・Email address
・Name of the product(s) you wish to return

・We cannot refund the cost of product that are returned to us damaged or incomplete. This includes instruction manuals, boxes, or packaging. If any part of the returned item is missing or in poor condition, we will treat it as an opened product, and we will be unable to refund your money. Please take care to return products in good condition.
・If you wish to return a product sold as a set, we cannot give refunds for part of the set. This includes any products, goods, or services included as part of the set, regardless of damage or use. Please return all parts of the set in good condition to receive a refund.
・Returns and exchanges can only be made for orders delivered within Japan.


After we receive the returned item(s), we will refund your money. The method of processing your refund depends on how you paid initially:

・Credit card purchases
The charge to your credit card will be canceled. Depending on your card’s billing cycle, you may have already been charged for your order. We will refund the payment to your account, and this credit will appear on your next bill.

・Purchases using points
We will return the points used for the purchase to your account.