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  1. Magical Stay Lip Coat


    Magical Stay Lip Coat ( 6g )

    1,296 yen

    5.1 |237 Reviews

    This is a lipstick coat to turn your favorite lipstick into a smudge-free color that stays on all day long.

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  2. Oh! Baby Body Smoother N


    Oh! Baby Body Smoother N ( Normal type/570g )

    2,160 yen

    5.2 |596 Reviews

    With the perfect balance of large to fine scrubbing beads, this body smoother is formulated to softe

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  3. Creative Concealer


    Creative Concealer ( 正装/4.5g )

    3,780 yen

    4.7 |177 Reviews

    SPF25 PA+++. New Formula. 

This 3 shade concealer palette stays on problem areas smoothly and cove

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  4. Ahalo Butter Premium Scalp Hair Pack (Limited Time Only)

    Ahalo butter

    Ahalo Butter Premium Scalp Hair Pack (Limited Time ...

    1,944 yen

    5.7 |97 Reviews

    We don't have English information for this product yet, but we're working on it.シャンプー。 ニオイ

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  5. The Time Reset Aqua


    The Time Reset Aqua ( 单品/200ml )

    4,320 yen

    5.2 |504 Reviews

    This medicated lotion forms a layer of moisture on skin surface to smooth and keep the skin moisturized. By combining acetyl hyaluronic acid and other complex, it enhances moisture delivery to inner skin, and helps the skin condition retain moisture, keeping your skin hydrated. 

(OTC product)

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  6. Luminizing Clay


    Luminizing Clay ( 100g )

    4,320 yen

    5.2 |88 Reviews

    This clay massage mask features high cleansing and moisturizing power, to condition and create brigh

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  7. Body Oil Relax


    Body Oil Relax ( 100ml )

    3,240 yen

    5.4 |50 Reviews

    This light body oil features a perfect balance of 5 types of oil. It blends effortlessly in and glides smoothly with its soft, sweet fragrance. Apply on damp skin after bath to create a fresh, soft finish. White floral fragrance.

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  8. You Lip Only Gloss


    You Lip Only Gloss ( [01] Clear )

    702 yen

    5.2 |324 Reviews

    2 shades. This is a marvelous lip-gloss that develops pink color as it reacts with moisture. Creates

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  9. Rich Moist Repair Shampoo & Treatment Set

    Ahalo butter

    Rich Moist Repair Shampoo & Treatment Set ( 无硅 ...

    1,944 yen

    5.1 |539 Reviews

    This non-silicone shampoo delivers hydration and shine to the hair, while the treatment permeates to create a shiny, smooth finish. The shampoo removes impurities from the hair and scalp thoroughly while fresh, rich moisture and the creamy lather cleanse your damaged hair gently. The treatment repairs hair damage intensively, delivers hydration to the core thoroughly, and creates a smooth, tangle-free finish.

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  10. Silicone-free Amino Acid Shampoo/Conditioner (Rich & Floral)


    Silicone-free Amino Acid Shampoo/Conditioner (Rich ...

    5,054 yen

    5.5 |1001 Reviews

    Re-release. Rich in emollients such as sandalwood and hibiscus oil, as well as natural ingredients l

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  11. Adenovital Eyelash Serum

    Shiseido Professional?

    Adenovital Eyelash Serum ( 6g )

    2,484 yen

    5.3 |108 Reviews

    Salon exclusive. 

This lash serum creates even longer, denser, more beautiful lashes. With plenty

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  12. Itsukano Sekken

    Mizuhashi Hojyudo Pharmaceutical

    Itsukano Sekken ( 100g With net )

    1,728 yen

    5.2 |1042 Reviews

    Mineral-rich enzyme soap that can also be used as a foamy face mask cleanser. It is gentle on the sk

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  13. Light Reflecting Pressed Powder


    Light Reflecting Pressed Powder

    4,860 yen

    5.3 |236 Reviews

    A pressed powder which makes your skin look naturally beautiful under any lighting. The translucent

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  14. Hair Essence Oil


    Hair Essence Oil ( 50ml )

    1,998 yen

    5.4 |121 Reviews

    Contains 18 types of plant oil, including rose oil, camellia oil and shine-boosting argan oil. Moist

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