Top Sellers in 'Foundation'

  1. Creative Concealer


    Creative Concealer ( 正装/4.5g )

    3,780 yen

    4.7 |177 Reviews

    SPF25 PA+++. New Formula. 

This 3 shade concealer palette stays on problem areas smoothly and cove

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  2. Light Reflecting Pressed Powder


    Light Reflecting Pressed Powder

    4,860 yen

    5.3 |236 Reviews

    A pressed powder which makes your skin look naturally beautiful under any lighting. The translucent

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  3. SE Soft Mat BB Cream


    SE Soft Mat BB Cream ( 02 Natural Color/40g )

    1,944 yen

    5.1 |219 Reviews

    Reformulated. SPF26 PA++. 2 shades

. This BB cream covers visible pores, uneven skin, and oily

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  4. Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder


    Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder ( 通常品 ) ...

    4,860 yen

    5.5 |172 Reviews

    A loose powder that makes your skin look naturally beautiful under any lighting. The translucent pow

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  5. Marshmallow Finish Powder


    Marshmallow Finish Powder ( [MO]浅肤色 )

    1,015 yen

    4.9 |2886 Reviews

    SPF26 PA++

. This face powder is for finishing and retouching your base makeup. It covers visible

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  6. Radiant Creamy Concealer


    Radiant Creamy Concealer ( 1242 (Vanilla) )

    3,456 yen

    5.2 |117 Reviews

    5 shades. 

This is a cream concealer with a remarkably smooth texture that covers problem areas per

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  7. Finishing Powder

    Chacott For Professionals

    Finishing Powder ( 761 Natural/30g )

    1,296 yen

    5.0 |667 Reviews

    Helps your foundation stay on without altering its color, while conditioning and giving luminosity t

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  8. Air Cushion Sunblock EX


    Air Cushion Sunblock EX ( 15g x 2 ( Refill 1 ) )

    4,320 yen

    5.2 |1021 Reviews

    This multi-purpose UV protection foundation powder gives you brightness and glow, while also controlling sweat and oily shine, so you can enjoy a flawless look all day long while protecting your skin from sun damage. With all the benefits of a sunscreen and a foundation, with durability and hydration, you can create a naturally lovely look.

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  9. Color Stay Make Up


    Color Stay Make Up ( 180 Sand Beige )

    2,160 yen

    5.1 |2767 Reviews

    SPF15. 6 shades. Foundation that stays on and hydrates. By of controlling skin oil and continuousl

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  10. Aqua Chiffon Protector


    Aqua Chiffon Protector ( 60g )

    3,024 yen

    5.8 |23 Reviews

    This UV emulsion spreads on smoothly with a gel touch. Now with more sun-protection power, while keeping the original's stress-free, moisturizing finish. Fresh, light texture. Featuring smoothness powder to create a comfortably light feeling. Beauty ingredients and water-soluble moisturizing ingredients provide moisture to the skin. Contains shea butter that blends into the skin well. Creates a soft veil that holds in moisture, promoting skin with youthful luminosity. For both face and body. With an aromatic white floral fragrance.

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  11. Beauty Veil Powder

    Chacott For Professionals

    Beauty Veil Powder ( Beauty Veil Powder/15g )

    2,160 yen

    4.3 |88 Reviews

    Rich in plant extracts, this powder creates fine, luminous skin with a beautiful moisture veil. Feat

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  12. スキンプロテクター


    スキンプロテクター ( 30g/30g )

    4,104 yen

    4.5 |55 Reviews

    We don't have English information for this product yet, but we're working on it.無色透明に仕上がるサ

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