Top Sellers in 'Skin Care'

  1. Magical Stay Lip Coat


    Magical Stay Lip Coat ( 6g )

    1,296 yen

    5.1 |237 Reviews

    This is a lipstick coat to turn your favorite lipstick into a smudge-free color that stays on all day long.

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  2. The Time Reset Aqua


    The Time Reset Aqua ( 单品/200ml )

    4,320 yen

    5.2 |504 Reviews

    This medicated lotion forms a layer of moisture on skin surface to smooth and keep the skin moisturized. By combining acetyl hyaluronic acid and other complex, it enhances moisture delivery to inner skin, and helps the skin condition retain moisture, keeping your skin hydrated. 

(OTC product)

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  3. Luminizing Clay


    Luminizing Clay ( 100g )

    4,320 yen

    5.2 |88 Reviews

    This clay massage mask features high cleansing and moisturizing power, to condition and create brigh

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  4. Itsukano Sekken

    Mizuhashi Hojyudo Pharmaceutical

    Itsukano Sekken ( 100g With net )

    1,728 yen

    5.2 |1042 Reviews

    Mineral-rich enzyme soap that can also be used as a foamy face mask cleanser. It is gentle on the sk

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  5. All-in-One Sheet Mask Moist 2 packets

    Quality First

    All-in-One Sheet Mask Moist 2 packets ( 50枚入×2個 ) ...

    3,672 yen

    5.6 |1003 Reviews

    This is an all-in-one sheet mask to complete your skincare after cleansing. It features 37 bottles worth of serum ingredients (research by the manufacturer), and uses pure cotton pads made in Japan. Preservative free.

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  6. Green Tea Deep Cleansing

    Santa Marche

    Green Tea Deep Cleansing ( 400mL )

    1,728 yen

    4.8 |383 Reviews

    New Formula. This cleanser is rich in the plant cleansing agent AHA, konnyaku scrubs, natural Quillaja bark extract, and baking soda as pore cleansing agents. It is also rich in beauty ingredients to treat and nourish the pores and surface of the skin. Removes heavy makeup and impurities in the pores thoroughly. Features Uji tea from Kyoto. Contains green tea extract. No need for double cleansing. Can be used on wet hands and face. 

100% oil-free, paraben free, petroleum surfactant free.

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  7. Amino Moist Moist Charge Milk

    Minon Amino Moist

    Amino Moist Moist Charge Milk ( 100g )

    2,160 yen

    5.1 |42 Reviews

    Reformulated. Spreads well, then blends in instantly to seal moisture in. Thick and rich, yet non-sticky, it soothes even dry, stiff areas for soft and smooth skin.

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  8. The Cleansing Balm


    The Cleansing Balm

    3,888 yen

    5.1 |519 Reviews

    This cleansing balm features unique technology to offer all the benefits of a cleanser, facial wash, exfoliator, massage cream, and a treatment serum. It removes makeup and impurities thoroughly and promotes pure baby-soft skin that is both refreshed and hydrated. No need for double cleansing. Carcinogen-free, mineral oil free, petroleum oil free, petroleum surfactant free, artificial fragrance free, alcohol free.

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  9. Ceramide 200


    Ceramide 200 ( 20ml )

    1,944 yen

    5.3 |361 Reviews

    This serum features nano serum to soothe chronically dry skin and retains moisture intensively. It delivers hydration deep into the skin and promotes a soft, smooth, healthy condition. Smooth texture.

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  10. Essential Water Gel


    Essential Water Gel ( 120g )

    3,672 yen

    5.4 |987 Reviews

    This is an all-in-1 gel, rich in triple hyaluronic acid and double collagen to nourish the skin. It uses deep sea water, full of minerals, and features properties carefully selected from nearly 10,000 ingredients. It is free from 9 common skin-damaging additives, so it is mild on the skin.

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  11. Fullerene ?


    Fullerene ? ( 10ml )

    3,240 yen

    5.5 |491 Reviews

    This serum acts directly on discoloration, small wrinkles, pores and other skin problems caused by s

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  12. Le Rose de Versailles Face Mask

    La Rose De Versailles

    Le Rose de Versailles Face Mask ( 27ml )

    410 yen

    5.2 |637 Reviews

    The popular Rose de Versailles Face Mask now contains gold as an ingredient to further nourish your

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  13. Golden Jelly Mask CC


    Golden Jelly Mask CC ( 3 sheets )

    756 yen

    5.0 |69 Reviews

    This sheet mask is full of rich, luxurious gel serum.

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  14. Damask Rose Cleansing Milk (wash-off type)


    Damask Rose Cleansing Milk (wash-off type) ( 125ml ...

    3,780 yen

    5.4 |774 Reviews

    Cleansing milk that removes makeup and gives you beautifully hydrated bare skin. Cleanses and washes

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  15. Golden Jelly Mask HA


    Golden Jelly Mask HA ( 3 sheets )

    756 yen

    5.1 |336 Reviews

    We don't have English information for this product yet, but we're working on it.■濃厚なジュレ美容液

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